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New Offensive Coordinator for the Lions posted on 02/11/2008

Well, Detroit went out and hired a new Offensive Coordinator.  It seems like their genius lost his sense once he crossed the state line.  Or maybe it was when he entered Ford Field.  The Lions as a clubhouse seem to have that effect on people.

Look at Steve Mariucci.  He was one of the greatest coaches.  He took the 49ers to a Superbowl...and won!  He came to Detroit and he didn't look like the same man.  everything fell apart.  I'm telling ya, it's like a warp zone once the great and awesome coaches cross some invisible line.

And don't even get me on star players that fall below the mark.  Charles Rogers...nevermind.  I'll save that for a future article. 

Here's the down and low on Jim Colletto, the offensive line coach who was promoted to OC:

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How will the Detroit Lions end 2007? posted on 12/27/2007

Will it be on a high note, like what we had hoped the season would be between weeks 1 and 7?  Or will the Detroit Lions play badly, as we have come to expect and accept from them?

Being a Lions fans has its up and its downs, certainly.  And in reality its been mostly downs since Barry Sanders left.  But that's another blog.  For the first time in a lot of years, Detroit came out of the gate looking good.  So good, in fact, that even doubtful fans ad a speckle of hope in their eyes.  Would this be the year?  The year we could actually have a shot at the playoffs?

And notice I said playoffs.  Even the most die hard of diehard Lions fans knows that a shot at a Superbowl is years off.  Any fan of the Detroit Lions would be happy with a playoff appearance.  It's been sooooo long....

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