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Lions vs. Knicks: Royal Rumble. posted on 01/10/2008
I wish that a royal rumble between Lions greats, Matt Millen, Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, and Mike Williams, and Knicks stars, Isiah Thomas, Stephon Marbury, Eddie Currey, and Jerome James, could be organized to settle which of these two franchise's is in deed the biggest disgrace in professional sports. The winner of the rumble, the last man standing in the ring, would merit some kind of praise and bring an ounce of respectability to his respective franchise. Imagine the two teams (or band of brothers I should say) starring eachother down in the middle of the ring as the ref explains the rules of the fight. Millen rubbing his mustache with ferocity ready to beat down Isiah Thomas, whose balls are sweating with fear as the little man in his head 

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Millen's Mustache posted on 01/10/2008
Do you think that Millen Millen and William Clay Ford smoke cigars and drink brandy together after every game win or lOOSE? I bet you they do. That's why Ford keeps him around, they must have great conversations. Whether it's Reflecting on the glory days of football when Millen was actually a productive member of the NFL, or joking about how people in Flint Michigan have resorted to eating rat burgers every since Ford moved his plants to third world countries, the two of them must finish eachother's sentences. I can just picture Ford lifting up his head up and chuckling at Millen "How about that offensive line? I think that, oh what's her name? that really funny woman on UPN, oh right Monique! you should sign her to start at

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